24 Aug. 2020

Know 5 Common home building mistakes

For many, building a new home is a dream come true. What could be better than watching construction and helping you plan your own new home? While this process is undeniably exciting, unfortunately it is also fraught with costly mistakes.

31 Aug. 2020

Concrete Frame Construction Types, Key Components, Advantages and Disadvantages

Concrete frame construction is a construction method that consists of a network of columns and beams to successfully transfer the load coming into the structure to the foundation. Overall, it creates a structural skeleton for the building that is used to support other members such as floors, roofs, walls and claddings.

07 Sept. 2020

Know Brickwork Check List for Site Engineers Site engineers check List for Quality Brickwork

While on-site, site engineers need to make sure the bricks are operating according to quality requirements. Here are some of the general requirements for brick quality: Use this as a checklist when doing brickwork.

14 Sept. 2020

Know How to Check and Measure Construction Quality

As a common man, it is difficult for you to properly understand the structural design of a building. Seek the help of an expert to determine the design created by the architect.

21 Sept. 2020

Know the 6 Types of Sands used in Construction

Sand is the main material used in building construction. There are many types of sand used in construction, which provide strength and other properties to building materials.

28 Sept. 2020

Which is the best General Contractor or Home Builder?

Deciding to build a new home can be a costly endeavor. Before you embark on that path, it is important to know what your options are and how you can most effectively get what you are looking for.

5 Oct. 2020

Know the Different Types of Cement Used in Construction

Cement plays an important role in the construction process. Therefore, before you buy, you need to know about the type of cement. It is the quality of the cement that determines the strength of the structure. Here we describe the use of different types of cement in construction.

12 Oct. 2020

Know the Different Types of Doors used in Construction

The outer door of the house or the front door of the house is highly valued. Exterior doors allow entry or exit from the home and provide some degree of security. Exterior doors provide adequate thickness, stability and durability of construction. The outer door is given a protective coating of paint and polish.

19 Oct. 2020

Know the Different Types of Windows used in Construction

Windows are categorized according to how they open the shutter, the type of position, and the type of material. The most common materials used are wood, steel and aluminum.

26 Oct. 2020

Different Flooring Types Used in Home and Building Construction

Different types of flooring are used in the construction of houses and buildings and their choice depends on the application, aesthetics and the choice of the user.Home and building construction A floor is a flat surface that can support objects, occupants, etc. Different types of flooring are based on different elements.

02 Nov. 2020

Vastu Shastra Tips to Consider Before Building A House

In order to maintain good architectural condition in the bedroom, you have to follow some rules. The bedroom is a very intimate spot and needs a lot of attention when one is trying to interact with nature. Here are some specific architectural tips that should be followed to get the best results. Here are some of the most important:

09 Nov. 2020

Why New Construction Homes Are More valuable?

Most homebuyers will not be surprised to learn that even newer homes are always more expensive than resellers. Because no matter what happens, new homes are new and resale homes are used.But what exactly do buyers get when buying a newly built home - and is it profitable?