Know How to Check and Measure Construction Quality

Determine the structure design

As a common man, it is difficult for you to properly understand the structural design of a building. Seek the help of an expert to determine the design created by the architect. It is important to make a thorough assessment of the property for its ability to withstand a specific earthquake.

Check the concrete mix

The strength of concrete determines the load and carrying capacity of a structure. Usually, developers monitor the quality and strength of the concrete, but often it is difficult to prepare the mixture and inspect the concrete each time. In such a situation it is always better to opt for ready-mix concrete.

Check the wall thickness

In the layout agreement, the developers specify the width of the walls. Take a tour of the construction site to see if he has actually brought them. During the inspection, use any key and try to press against the walls. If you can easily pierce with it, it is obvious that the developer has used low-quality material. Also, to check the integrity of the wall, tap with your pack to make noise.

Ensure safety features

Investigate safety measures such as earthquake resistance, emergency evacuation or fire evacuation by the developer. Check the size and location of the steps. Running with two people in an emergency should be wide enough.

Check the paint and plastering quality

Check the plastering on the exterior walls. Uneven cracks on the wall plastering are indicators that the foundation or quality of the building construction is not good. Similarly, quality paint on walls enhances visual appeal and improves the longevity of walls and wood spaces.

Check the elevator

There have been some cases of elevators falling down in buildings, either due to maintenance repairs or due to incorrect installation. Check the elevator license and maintenance taken by the developer. Also check the amount of lift in the residential project. Generally, three lifts and one service lift are suitable for one tower. Also check its capacity, especially in terms of elevation when it should be able to accommodate more people in a single trip.

Investigate the soil

The quality and type of the building on which the building is built are extremely crucial. The type of soil varies from place to place and the type of soil determines whether it can take the foundation of a height. Clay rich soils and black cotton soils are examples of some types of soils that are not recommended for construction because they grow, swell and shrink under moisture or water. The soil is inspected before the construction process begins. You can ask your developer for a copy of the test.

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