Know the Different Types of Windows used in Construction

Know the Different Types of Windows used in Construction

Window Types

Windows are categorized according to how they open the shutter, the type of position, and the type of material. The most common materials used are wood, steel and aluminum.

Sliding window

In these windows, these shutters move vertically or horizontally on roller bearings. They are provided on the wall to receive shutters and are preferred by buses, trains, shops, bank counters, etc.

Louver window

These windows are provided in the case of louvered doors and provide sufficient privacy, but allow the air to pass freely. The shutter consists of an upper rail, a lower rail, and two styles that are grooved to accept the louvers at a 45 angle in a fixed position.

Double hung windows

These windows consist of a pair of shutters that can slide in a groove attached to the frame. Each sash has a set of metal weights with a cord or chain attached to a pulley. When the weight is pulled, the shutter opens to the required level and ventilation is provided.

Pivot window

These windows are similar to double-sided windows, except that there is no rebate and the shutter movement is slightly different. The shutter can swing around the pivot, allowing more light than a side-hung window. The windows can be rotated horizontally or vertically for easy cleaning.

Double window

The shutter opens like a door and is manufactured like a door. The window consists of a frame consisting of style, top rails and bottom rails. These frames are made similar to door frames, but with a sill at the bottom of every window.

Glass window

The sash is rebated to receive the glass panel, and the glass is held in place by either putty or a small fillet called glazing beads. These windows are completely glazed windows.

Gable window

These windows are on the edge of the gable of the roof and have been used since ancient times.

Metal window

The metal windows are made of standard size mild steel, bronze and aluminum. These windows have been widely used these days and can be fixed directly to walls or crates.

Corner window

These windows have two vertical faces that are located in the corners of the room. It provides sufficient light and air from two directions and adds a look to the building.

bay window

These windows project outside of the exterior walls of the room, resulting in a large opening area. They are square, splayed, circular, polygonal, or any other shape, allowing more light and ventilation.

Dormer window

The main purpose of providing dormer windows is to let light and air into the room. They are built within or below the slope of the roof.

Priest window

These windows are fixed near the top of the main roof using pivot windows. They provide ventilation inside the room which is blocked by windows. It can be opened and closed using two cords attached to the top and bottom rails of the shutter.

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